Here at Your EDM, the Aspire to Inspire series is a project we hold very close to our hearts. Since March 2014, we have worked closely with artists and industry professionals to share their stories of overcoming personal and professional challenges with hopes to foster connection and inspire hope/resilience among individuals within the music scene. Their stories have included overcoming the loss of a loved one, depression, addiction, career dilemmas, financial instability, loss of inspiration, and the challenges associated with being a minority. We feel that providing a channel for artists and others to connect with their fans beyond the music is incredibly important— especially in a community like the one electronic dance music has created.

We hope to take things to the next level by bringing you, the fans, onboard as well.

Starting November 2016, we will be featuring one music fan each month to discuss how the electronic dance music community, music, etc. has positively impacted your life. From show to show, festival to festival, we always see the signs and hear the stories about how “EDM saved my life.” So we want to hear YOUR story – the challenges you have had to overcome throughout your life. We embrace and value vulnerability so this is your chance to share your most personal struggles and triumphs.

Our goal with this series has always been to inspire others through example of hardship, sharing how it can be handled, and the positive energy that radiates from the result.

If you are interested in joining us, please email your story to [email protected] for a chance to be a part of this series.

DISCLAIMER: Since there will only be one fan featured a month, we cannot guarantee each person’s story will be shared if there is a high volume of submissions. However, we will try our best to include you in the series at some point. If chosen, you will hear from us within a few weeks about setting up the interview process to hear more about your story!