Shark Squad leader and bass house/dub enthusiast Sam Vogel, aka Jauz, has seen even more success in 2016 than ever before, with some massive releases, collabs and more. Working alongside names like Tiësto and Netsky to playing Ultra, Red Rocks and so many more events, he has become a star in the dance music community with his signature sound and loyal fan-base. Now, he’s back to steal our hearts once again with what is probably my favorite remix of a song that has been sweeping up records this year.

Taking on The Chainsmokers‘ #1 hit “Closer,” Vogel has recreated the tune into a whole new vibe that stands apart from the plethora of “Closer” remixes that have been hitting the release circuit as of late. Combining house vibes with all assortments of track ideas, he has turned the track into a groovy new hit from its normally future counterpart, that will instantly have a dance floor gliding and jamming out. Transforming Halsey’s vocals into a Daft Punk-esque sound, Vogel explores untapped territory as far as the track goes and differentiates himself from the mass amount of future bass remixes I’ve heard.

My only complaint with the track would be that it feels haphazard and rushed at times, with some elements not necessarily fitting in as snug as I’d like. However, all in all, this is definitely one of my tops as far as “Closer” remixes go. Big ups to Jauz for taking a different route from the masses on this one!

Check it out and don’t forget to snag that free download!