Rising dubstep producer Oolacile has been making some huge waves recently, attracting the attention of some serious players in the scene. One of his most notable supporters is none other than the godfather of American dubstep 12th Planet, who is releasing Oolacile’s Expansion EP tomorrow via his notorious SMOG Records. Your EDM is lucky enough to premiere one of the EP’s tracks early, a massive collab with MurDa that really shows off the producers respective styles, while fully encapsulating the sound SMOG works so hard to curate.

Oolacile and MurDa start things off with an ominous intro that immediately sets up the dark feel “Imposter” brings along with it. They waste no time dropping the bass, as a short and simple build takes us straight into the madness. Mechanical synths devoid of over-complication take over; Oolacile and MurDa managed to craft what seems to be a single layer of synths capable of a full-bodied sound. The two could have added screeching highs or other elements to fill in the empty spaces, but expertly realized the spaces fit perfectly with the vibe “Imposter” sets up and leave little to be desired.

Stream the track below and be sure to purchase the full EP HERE!