Distinguishing yourself in a saturated genre is a treacherous journey, which seems to be the case in the future bass genre. With more future bass remixes and originals out there than there are seconds in the day, making your imprint is difficult. However, Mickey Valen is one artists who has found success with his spin on the genre. Valen’s most notable track in his growing collection is “Hero,” a track produced in collaboration with Lucian. Nevertheless, Valen has set the bar higher with his new release “Meet Me,” featuring the outstanding vocals and writing skills of Noé and the writing skills of Oktavian as well.

Noé voice brings in the track with mellow, filtered synths and live sounding rim shots and a slow hi hat groove. Disrupted by a synth emulating a record stop, the laid back vibes begin to pick up as the vocals hasten and the drums become more present. The drop comes rushing at you and blows you back with distorted, warping synth swells and vocal chops that play out a melody. As the second verse comes in, a guitar is introduced to the mix, adding a new layer of textured harmonies. The subsequent sequence of the track follow suite, creating a familiar sense of urgency while the track builds. Valen really has outdone himself with this one, check it out below: