As far as preferences go, I tend to stay away from the more ‘deep/tech’ elements of house music. That being said, once in awhile doesn’t hurt, and when the track comes out via Steve Angello’s own imprint Size Records you can probably expect a real banger.

Highly Sedated is Swedish-based electronica band consisting of a whole bunch of dope dudes that have come together to put out some real bangers – “Got Some Water?” might just be the best yet. With dark synths, catchy lyrics and a great set of stripped down spoken vocals, there’s so much more to this track than just your just usual tech house/deep house club track. As the track progresses more and more elements come to life like the extra vocalist and most impressively, the ‘gospel choir’ styled outro at the climax.

Still not sold? Maybe Steve Angello can help convince you.

“I’m lucky to be involved and I’m excited to be the chosen one, it’s very hard to find a group of friends that’s been through everything together to get here and their only purpose is to bring incredible music and art to the world. This is Highly Sedated.”