Eric Prydz has finally earned a dedicated fanbase in America after years of taking over Europe and the rest of the world. His efforts were aided by the release of his massive, 19-track album Opus and numerous EPs. Now, his alter-ego Cirez D is ready to gain just as much traction. Known more for techno and dark productions over the progressive stylings of his primary alias, Cirez D fits perfectly into the America’s newfound obsession with techno and deeper genres.

His latest release, a two-track EP with the tracks “Backlash” and “The Tournament,” showcase how talented Prydz is at producing fresh techno under the Cirez D umbrella. “Backlash” epitomizes the best of breakneck, rolling techno, including a mastery of creating a building synth, rapid-fire drums and nuanced melodies. Meanwhile, “The Tournament” juxtaposes tough, bigroom percussion with an almost psychedelic melody, producing a track well-suited for a dark nightclub and a mesmerized crowd. The pair make for an exceptional EP, and we honestly cannot wait for more releases from Cirez D.

Listen to “Backlash” and “The Tournament” below: