We have it on pretty good authority that Deadmau5’s album will come out in November, if not sometime very close to it. For the time being, however, we’re left with relatively few additional details about the release including title, art, tracklist, or … basically anything else.

Deadmau5 has been sharing plenty of tracks via his Twitch stream which then inevitably end up on YouTube stitched together from his streams, but no one is really sure if these will be on his album or will have any kind of lasting release.

For the first time that we know of, deadmau5 has let us know that “Blood For The Bloodgoat,” his collaboration with Grabbitz, will definitely be on the album.

Deadmau5 says the actual track will likely have a different title, as he chose “Blood For The Bloodgoat” as a mere placeholder “so I wouldn’t lose it.”

For those of you who forgot what it sounded like, prepare to have your breath taken away once again.


In other news, a fan asked deadmau5 what he thought about Skrillex calling him a bully in his latest interview with Complex. The response is classic deadmau5…


Image via Rukes