Justice Skolnik is back with another astonishing release, but that’s really no surprise. The San Francisco-based producer has had a slew of hits already, his most recent being a phenomenal remix of Matoma’s “False Alarm.” With a quickly growing catalogue of popular tracks, Skolnik has solidified his place an up and coming talent to watch out for this coming year. The new track, “You Could Be Down,” released today, further pushes Skolnik to the forefront of exciting, original producers.

The track begins with subtle chords and rippling arpeggios. Vocal chops quickly make their way into the sound, inviting the listener in. The track progresses, sprinkling Skolnik’s signature happy sound with plucked, almost tropical synths. Thumping, punchy bass pervades your speakers as filtered, waving synths summon you into dancing. Check out the track below and watch out for Justice Skolnik to be on your playlist more frequently: