A lot of times, producers write songs based around a specific time in their life. With how the music industry works, these tracks unfortunately can’t be released just as soon as they’re finished, and they might lose context in the grander sense – in those cases, we hope the music is strong enough to speak for itself.

Tim Gunter wrote this track in the spring, and it is now nearly winter. Interestingly enough, you could almost equate the progression of the song to that of the seasons. The first drop is straightforward future trap with powerful horns and a repeating vocal loop. The second and final drop is a rolling, bouncy section bringing back the horns and vocals. The evolution in sound gives the track a rounded out and finished feeling, bringing the track to an end on a logical note.

Breath is a metaphor for beginning something new. The track starts out dark and mysterious but when the drop hits it’s triumphant and happy. As a creative, I feel like expressing yourself is always fairly daunting. But in the end, it’s always worth it. From someone who is known for remixes, this original track means a lot to me. I hope people can relate it to their own lives as well. – Tim Gunter