Pete Tong has plucked a gorgeous Essential New Tune for BBC Radio 1, and it’s courtesy of deadmau5′ forthcoming album W:/2016ALBUM/

The Essential New Tune is titled “4ware,” and according to Tong, it’s akin to deadmau5′ classic “Faxing Berlin.” It’s certainly a tune we’ve heard before amongst the droves of live streamed content and fan-made compilations, but this is the first official listen of the tune. Additionally, thanks to Reddit, we’ve also got our ears wrapped around “Crampy Bitch,” another unreleased goody teased at Ultra Singapore.

According to Joel, fans tuned into his Twitch lives tream actually helped to come up with the album title. And when asked if there are any new sonic themes or concepts explored in the album, deadmau5 is quick to gush about his new hardware.

“I think so, there’s an 80’s sci-fi fantasy film vibe to some of the melodies. I think that’s due to my purchase of a Prophet 10. Any 80’s fantasy movie was a Prophet 10. When you’re drawn to this instrument, you’re immediately drawn to that kind of vibe.”

Pete Tong also mentioned deadmau5 will be refurbishing his live show and revealing his new cube at a “very special” event online to coincide with the album’s December 2nd release.

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H/T Dancing Astronaut, r/EDM