It seems that all the time Kanye West has spent elevated above his adoring fans has gone to his head, and more than usual. During his show in San Jose last night, West revealed to fans some surprising political views, though we really shouldn’t be all that surprised.

“One thing that I do have the ability to do, is to talk as long as the fuck as I want right here, as long as I want to!”

Amongst the topics in his political commentary were school systems, having empathy for the human race, and of course, President-Elect Trump.

Despite boos and massive dissension from the crowd, Kanye continued his monologue to describe Trump’s campaign as genius because it “fucking worked.” Whatever your political leanings, it’s obvious that Trump’s election to office has emboldened celebrities like Kanye to think they’ve got what it takes to lead the United States.

The crowd roars in response to his promised 2020 campaign, and yeah, Yeezus 2020 is happening… Have a look at Kanye’s startling 10-minute rant below.


H/T The Verge