‘Tis the season. Thousands of people will be traveling for the holidays in the next couple months, which could present prime targets for terrorist organizations like ISIS. The U.S. State Department warned on Monday that Americans traveling in Europe should remain alert because of a “heightened risk of terrorist attacks” in the holiday season, wrote Newsweek.

Special attention was said to be given to “holiday festivals, events, and outdoor markets.” Europe has been hit hard during the holiday season the past two years – France, Brussels and Germany have had multiple attacks between them, with the latter having one outside a music festival, though thankfully no one was killed.

One EU security official, who spoke to Newsweek on condition of anonymity: “Will we have another Bataclan? I would not be surprised; probably not on that scale, but at least a plot [of that size].”

The warning only serves to remind us of the unfortunate reality that we now find ourselves in. If you’re traveling to Europe this holiday season, be mindful of your surroundings, but do not let it hamper your time off.


via Newsweek