There are only so many avenues for revenue that artists have, releasing music and playing shows being among them. Another huge one, once an artist becomes well-established, is merchandise. Though generally a little more expensive for the artist and team right off the bat, it often provides an opportunity for an artist to give fans a sort of unifying moniker. This can be hoodies, beanies, personalized glasses, whatever – the point being, when you’re in a crowd of 20,000 people and look to your left and see a familiar symbol, you can say to yourself, “Oh, that person is a fan, too.”

One of the most recognizable brands in 2016 has to be Marshmello, the helmet-wearing DJ that has captured the hearts of so many. And since his latest single “Ritual” came out via OWSLA, the two have teamed up for a new line of merch that includes shirts, hoodies, and even a candle.

Check out all of the products here.


Featured image via Ryan Hadji