With the news that third party shuttles won’t be allowed to drop ravers off directly at the gates of EDC this year, figuring out travel to EDC is more important than ever. Official shuttles are prone to hour-long lines, and forget about trying to leave the parking lot in a timely manner. But there is another way…

For the low price of $3000, you and six friends can fly one-way to the Speedway in luxury aboard a Maverick Helicopter (round trip is $5000). Individual seat rates start at $550 per person for a one-way flight or $850 per person for a roundtrip flight.

“Since partnering with EDC nearly seven years ago, helicopter demand to the festival has grown significantly,” said Bryan Kroten, vice president of marketing at Maverick Helicopters. “We have gone from using two aircraft the first year to a fleet of more than 22 helicopters each night.”

In addition to the obvious helicopter ride that you’ll receive with your purchase, you’ll also be able to hang out in Maverick Helicopters’ 6,000-square-foot terminal, which completely transforms itself to create a festival-like atmosphere for its guests. The terminal also remains open for 90 hours straight during EDC, making it the busiest weekend of the year.

For more information on Maverick Helicopters or to book a reservation, please visit flymaverick.com or call 702.405.4300.

Photo via Electronic Midwest