Saturate! Records has undoubtedly been a major part of our 2016 soundtrack. They’ve pumped out some of the wildest releases we’ve heard this year and their dedication to forward-thinking sounds is truly impressive. And the year isn’t over yet; to close things out with a bang, they’ve enlisted the one and only Champagne Drip.

Formerly known as SPL, this Los Angles beat-smith has been honing his skills for years and it definitely shows. His latest EP, Of Course I Still Love You, features four original tracks that display his talent for blending genres and pushing boundaries. 8-bit arpeggios, lush melodies, and entrancing soundscapes draw the listener in, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Champagne Drip can go hard with the best of them and that ability is certainly on display here. Raw, granular synths and hefty doses of sub-bass add an edge that offsets the beauty found elsewhere on the release. Ambient additions like string plucks and sounds from nature add an analog feel and plenty of atmosphere. To top everything off, Sayer and Starkey are on remix duty and their recreations are utterly insane. All told, our favorite track was ‘Ikebana’; you’ll have to listen for yourself to see what stands out.

Champagne Drip’s Of Course I Still Love You is available now via the Saturate! Records Bandcamp page. Check out the full stream after the jump and grab the free download if you’re feeling the vibes.


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