International producer group, TROUZE based across Singapore and Los Angeles is back in the limelight this time around for the release of their “Intersection” remix package. 

With a fondness towards a wide variety of diverse sounds TROUZE, hand-selected 3 different producers to take “Intersection” to the next level. No two remixes sound the same. Check out what TROUZE had to say about each of the producers below.

Trouze on Gazzo’s Remix:

“In line with the sounds of his new EP – brings out the melody with his use of trendy sounds and smart production – really like how he interplays between the guitar riffs he created and our vocals. bassline is real catchy and builds nicely into a very trendy vocal drop.”

Trouze on Project 46’s Remix:

“It really intensifies the retro and future elements of the original. Accurately represents the continued evolution of Project 46’s sound starts off 80’s nostalgia-drenched electric/acoustic piano pads before plunging into a groovy future bassline and skittering, atmospheric pitched and detuned vocal cuts carry the drop.”

Trouze on Kodrin’s Remix:

“Captures the subculture of the after hours vibe. Sexy bassline, ethereal atmospheric sounds and a gradual build takes the listener on a much deeper and almost thoughtful journey into the vocals.”

Listen to remixes from: Gazzo, Project 46 & below!

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