2016 has been a great year for Galantis. After releasing the smash hit “No Money” in the first quarter of the year, they followed it up with “Make Me Feel” on the XOXO soundtrack album, as well as a collaboration with Hook n Sling, “Love On Me.”

They now return with their final single of the year called “Pillow Fight.” Once again featuring that effortless brand of pop and electronic fusion, Galantis unleash this infectious ear worm onto the masses. It’s also nice to see how elements of tropical house – like the steel drum – have pervaded more mainstream music.

In lots of ways “Pillow Fight” brings back the original Galantis heart and roots, and reminds us why we started this project. Launch yourself in every wave, live and breathe the full-throttle mentality, we’ll go to sleep tomorrow. – Galantis

Check out the lyric video below!