Deadmau5 is no stranger to hip hop beats. Though the bulk of his material lies in techno, house and related styles, he’s produced a good amount of trip hop, most notably the recent “Snowcone” fromĀ W:/2016ALBUM. He’s also collaborated with Shotty Horroh in the past, on a track called “Okay,” which saw deadmau5 exploring new sounds in grime.

Now he’s put out a new track with Shotty called “Legendary” that just exudes filth. The rhythm follows a standard hip hop progression, but the synths that lay underneath are crazy complex and dark. We love it when deadmau5 puts out tracks like “4ware” or “Let Go” that have the potential to live on as some of his best tracks, but his experimental creations are even more addicting.

Better yet, there’s still one more Shotty Horroh collaboration coming.

Listen to the first of the two below:


Photo by Matt Barnes