In 2016, new artists with new sounds took the electronic music scene by storm. Fortunately for us, 2017 seems to be up to the task of upholding the streak.

Heavy-handed, head-banging bass music has been around for a while now, but never quite like the sound Chodegang has been throwing down as of late. So far, however, the trio has yet to make a live performance for its rapidly growing fanbase. Thankfully that time has finally come as Chodegang is set to take over Webster Hall in New York City this Friday, January 6th.

We were lucky enough to sit down with the gentlemen of Chodegang to discuss the nitty gritty, the ins and outs, the pressing issues that course though music today.

Chodegang’s worldwide premiere is at a huge venue like Webster Hall, how does it feel? What is it about the NYC crowd that made you choose the location?

“It feels very humbling. We never would have thought a venue as successful as Webster Hall would be the first to let the chode out of the box. NYC seemed like the best spot because the powers of the riddim are very strong there. Also The Statue of Liberty is there and the entire side of the sculpture facing north looks like a giant chode when the sun hits it the right way. We hope this will bring good fortune to our performance.”

If you were crayons, what would you name your colors and why?

“None of us believe in crayons. They’re just like, soft crappy tasting colored pencils. However if we were colored pencils we would all be mahogany colored because it represents mahogany and we think that’s important. Or maybe maximum blue green because that’s an actual official crayon color and it sounds cool.”

Let’s talk about the name, why Chodegang?

“Plain and simple. We decided to embrace the fact that we all have chodes and will probably never get married or reproduce. This will become obvious at the show because we’re all performing naked. We want everyone to feel like they’re a part of something in this life, even if they have a fat chode instead of a pathetic normal human penis.”

What would Chodegang’s motto/slogan be if you had to choose one?

“2 Tacos: One Dollar.” “When it doubt, chode it out.” “Give em the chode.” and of course “It’s Chodegang Motherfucker” because, it is definitely Chodegang.

What upcoming projects do you have that we can look forward to hearing?

“We have a bunch of songs to finish up as Chodegang and they’re pretty much the same zany over the top shenanigans you’ve come to know and love. We’ve teased a few of them and are excited to get the final versions wrapped up for the world. Other than that we’ll continue to focus on our individual projects as Marshmello, Diplo, and Chad Kroeger.”

If each of you had to sing a song on The Voice, what would it be and why?

“Probably It’s ‘Chodegang Motherfucker’ by Chodegang because the lyrics are easy to remember and no one has ever performed riddim on The Voice.”

What other shows/tours are you doing that fans can get excited for?

“That’s personal information. Why would you ask us that? If we haven’t announced it then obviously it’s not just some useless information we can hand over to some girl we don’t even know just so she can galavant all over the fuckin internet with it. You’re gonna have to kill all 3 of us if you want that kind of information and I don’t think you’re trying to catch these hands, interview girl.”

Well, you heard it here first gang, your favorite chodes are are taking over New York City in less than a week. Make sure you grab your tickets here and prepare yourself for the madness.

Need something to hold you over until showtime? Have a listen to an exclusive Chodegang mix below!