Adam Hyde of triple platinum electronic act Peking Duk has spoken out against government authorities who oppose the introduction of personal drug-testing kits at music festivals. The pill-testing kits have been distributed within certain festivals around the world, with an ever-controversial dialogue regarding whether or not they encourage drug use among young concertgoers.

Hyde told Confidential that he believes attendees will take drugs no matter what preventative measures are in place.

“A lot of kids out there are going to take drugs no matter what, which means young people are taking pills when they have no idea what is actually in them.

“We see a lot of young kids at festivals who are out of their minds and it’s just a really dark scene. Pill testing makes sense, it makes for a better environment and better control over the situation.”

To those like Imperial College London’s David Nutt, however, pill-testing has the potential for more harm than good.

“I think they give you a false sense of security. Roadside testing for users half an hour before they are going to pop it is a complete waste of time and may do more harm than good. I’m an enthusiast for testing as it’s done in the Netherlands and Wales, where you can go to a professional lab and find out exactly what you’re getting.”


Source: Daily Telegraph | Image: Rukes