What better way to kick off the New Year than by consuming new music from everyone’s favorite viral hit maker Baauer. The American trap producer best known for his hit single “Harlem Shake” has just released a new track titled, “CandyMan” available for free download over at luckyme.net.

Baauer had originally made “CandyMan” for Fetty Wap when recording their collaboration “Promises.” “CandyMan” was supposed to be on on Baauer’s debut album, Aa but never saw the light of day and had got taken off the original tracklist. Until fans all over social media and YouTube had demanded to hear “CandyMan.”

“CandyMan” has everything you would expect from a Baauer release. It’s short, sweet and to the point. The track includes an original-sounding and repetitive vocal topline, crisp 808’s and near the end of the recording the bass maestro even experiments with some future bass chords.

Stream “CandyMan” below!