Axwell has enjoyed an absolutely ridiculous career, from being part of dance music’s legendary Swedish House Mafia, continuing as Axwell Λ Ingrosso, and even just kicking ass as a solo artist. Still, throughout all the fame, he remains a humble guy that happened to have stumbled into fame from a love of nerding out with computers.

Of course, having a cool moniker to back your music doesn’t hurt, and “Axwell” sounds every bit as vicious as the progressive anthems he churns out. However, the story of how Axwell came to be has its roots in a quaint household coffee company.

“Well you know, in school, we just gave each other names, nick names all the time. And mine actually evolved from when I started to make music. My real name is Axel, so it just came from there. Axel, Axelars, Uxel and then it went to Maxwell House for a little bit and then it just came down to Axwell.”


Source: The Bangin Beats