Youtube channel AVI LSD uploaded a video earlier this week that simulates the visual experience of a concert while on MDMA or “molly.” Set to the musical stylings of B&B Project’s “Move On Up,” the video seeks to accurately portray the effects of the stimulating drug via color distortion, pulsating blinks and an overall blurry atmosphere that many who have consumed the substance describe as the “high.”

Complete with live footage from an actual EDM concert, the video comes as a POV representation of the visual effects that MDMA can have, as well as the overall feeling of heightened stimulation and energy when ingesting it. The result is a startlingly spot on simulation that will have previous users harkening back to some of their favorite shows and moments.

Check out the full video below, and as always, exhibit caution when taking any illicit substances.


H/T: Stoney Roads