Alternative EDM, IDM, call it what you like, but there’s no denying non-traditional electronic music that opts for creative samples and contemplative synths over a safe 128 bpm and pop vocals has a special place in the genre’s fabric. Enter ROOMS, an up-and-coming electronic music producer from Miami and based in Los Angeles who’s dropped one of the most creative and daring tracks in recent memory: “bahna.” To unveil this debut single, Bribery Corporation, ROOMS home record label, unveiled an astonishing music video that demands to be watched.

The “bahna” music video juxtaposes the single’s 80s-inspired synth and glitchy yet downtempo percussion with gorgeous shots of the nature of Iceland. Taken from a shoot led by director Edward Platero, the “bahna” music video navigates Iceland’s plains, waterfalls and more. While the footage looks to be straight out a nature documentary, it perfectly accompanies “bahna” to the point that it’s a wonder such two seemingly disparate concepts had not been melded before. While the “bahna” track stands strongly on its own, its music video realizes a whole additional layer to the track. We’re excited to see what else comes from ROOMs as he preps for his debut album to release this year.

Watch the “bahna” music video below: