Spotify has always been ahead of the game technologically, as far as streaming services go. (And we’re not counting a failed service that promised hi-fidelity audio here, either.) From various integrations and activations between all sectors of tech, Spotify has kept their eyes forward this whole time.

Two new ideas that have been released recently revolve around weather and headphones.

First, Spotify’s new Climatune service streams music based on the local weather. There are already playlists for certain weather systems available via Spotify, but Climatune is a way to aggregate data from all users in your area and find out what they’re listening to when it’s gloomy or sunny. The project is in partnership with AccuWeather.

“AccuWeather is pleased to partner with Spotify, combining the power of AccuWeather’s comprehensive global weather data and music,” said Steven Smith, President of Digital Media at AccuWeather. “Climatune is another innovative, engaging way that AccuWeather personalizes the weather so people can improve their lives.”

The Climatune site is available here.

The other nifty advancement is in partnership with headphone makers AiAiAi. TMA-2 DISCOVERY is a service that will “help you find the headphone that matches your [Spotify] music profile.”

It connects to Spotify and analyzes the genres, moods and tempos of songs that you listen to, and it determines the best model of headphones for your personal taste. Personally, according to this service, I listen mostly to Dance/EDM and bass music, with moods matching anger and tenderness, at BPMs between 120-168 and 66-76; so clearly, I have pretty diverse tastes.

Based on these factors, I was recommended the S04-H02-E02-C01 headphones. Find out what’s right for you here.