Alan Walker released the original “Alone” back in December, and has since followed it up with an instrumental, stripping away the lyrics and letting his somber and sparkling production speak for itself.

Now, he’s releasing a “restrung” interpretation, which keeps the vocals, and adds an element of classical music to the mix. Using more strings and natural elements in the production, the song takes on a completely different identity, one that – in our opinion – easily rivals or perhaps surpasses the original.

No longer is this a dance music track; rather, Alan Walker has easily proven that his productions can effortlessly be transplanted to a live setting, much like Armin van Buuren proved with his Armin Only shows. It’s not difficult to close your eyes and imagine listening to this playing from a symphony orchestra in a large concert hall.

Check it out below.

Photo credit : Rikkard Häggbom