Earlier this month, on Valentine’s Day to be precise, a brand new Facebook page NWYR, pronounced ‘New Year,’ was created without too much fanfare at all. As it turns out, the project is, in fact, a new alias of W&W which will mark their return to trance music. While the NWYR project will debut at Ultra Music Festival late this year there are still no details about how that performance will look.

Now, in the last several days two videos have popped up, one official and one not, that appear to show one, potentially two, new tracks in the pipeline from the NWYR project. The first comes from trance page Yalla Trance from before the weekend while the second comes directly from the NWYR official page from several hours ago. While the first clip features a much longer song and claims to be a collaboration with Armin Van Buuren, it doesn’t reveal any release details like the second clip does. In the second clip, NWYR teases a different track along with the date ‘March 26th’ which is presumably the date for their Ultra performance. Whether that new track is a new single or not is still to be determined, but trance fans should nevertheless be excited about the potential of this new project!


H/T: EDMTunes | Featured Image Source: Non Stop 2K