If you’re going to Middlelands, you’ll probably want to take this down because the festival organizers have just released the festival map and the campground is massive! That being said, festival organizers are allowing attendees to bring their own bikes just to get around – just don’t forget your locks!

The top part of the campgrounds features a camping area in close proximity to a lot of the festive areas such as ‘Wheelhouse,’ ‘Fellowship Field,’ ‘Sanctuary’ and ‘Shady Glade.’ As we move further south there’s even more spaces set up for activities, plus VIP camping areas and the main campground. Most of the stages seem to be congregated even further south.

Boasting colorful names like ‘The Stronghold,’ ‘Castle Northwoods,’ ‘Trinity Vale’ and ‘Middlelands Arena’ we can’t wait to see what the full stage production looks like as we get closer to the festival date. There’s even a little pirate-themed area which boasts its very own secret festival ‘outside’ of the main campgrounds.