Throughout the last year, Unlike Pluto has proved himself  over and over again to be one of the biggest talents in this generation of electronic music. Following his Monstercat debut “Waiting for You,” the producer’s career exploded, with the Los Angeles native finding himself releasing hit after hit (including the Twenty One Pilots-inspired “Worst in Me,” which gained over 4 million streams on Trap Nation).

With an electroNOW feature and a North American tour just in sight, it appears Unlike Pluto might have another hit on his hands. “Everything Black” is among Unlike Pluto’s most experimental works to date, combining elements of jazz, funk, R&B and soul into one 4-minute electropop spectacular, featuring the astounding vocals of Mike Taylor.

Ironically, “Everything Black” was the first song I ever heard from Unlike Pluto. It amazes me how over a year later, everyone at Monstercat HQ is still just as stoked to release this song as they were back then. To me, that really says something about just how massive this song is.

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