If you’ve been following my articles for a while, you know I’m a huge fan of both metal-infused dubstep, and Sullivan King in particular. As a producer/DJ who actually hops on stage and plays his tracks live with an electric guitar, not to mention some of the most glorious locks in dance music, Sullivan King is aiming to make his mark on dance music by way of headbanging into submission.

As he moves into 2017, Sullivan King is making some big moves – the first of which is teaming up with drummer extraordinaire, Matt McGuire, who’s just been tapped as the newest member of The Chainsmokers’ live set crew on theirĀ Memories tour. Their track, with Sam King, on vocals, is the biggest and best dubstep track of 2017 so far, and that’s not just bias speaking.

In terms of intensity, production, vocals, mixing, originality and innovation, there’s no competition. When you put live guitar and drums into a mix, along with expert vocals from Sam King, who’s featured before on tracks with Excision, you get something truly magical. Keep your wits about you, as each and every drop brings something new and unexpected. Check out “Lockdown” below.