Master of electro-soul Manic Focus has just released the second single off his upcoming, full-length album Minds Rising, debuting on April 21. “Putting All Of My People” features vocals from ProbCause, and rests as just one track on Manic Focus’ first, complete LP since 2014. With two years of work and a diverse array of styles and collaborations, the work is primed to arrive as a culmination of all his production development over the years.

Unlike his electro-soul roots, however, the album’s second single brings listeners into a wild realm of heavy trap percussion and ungodly sub bass.

It begins with a tremendously dark series of brass and ProbCause’s infectious vocals. After a hi hat roll and swell of white noise, the song erupts into a rumbling pit of bass, distorted horns and vocal chops. The leading sound is stretched and molded into a grimy and perfect off-kilter bell until ProbCause carries the track’s energy to the very end.

Listen below, and check further down to download your copy.

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