I would hesitate before ever calling something the “Strobe of xxxx,” but I think calling “Rush” the “Strobe of liquid dnb” in this case would be quite fitting. Not in the sense that its CRi’s greatest track ever, but in the progression and arrangement of sounds, in the slow and methodical build, in the sense that it leaves the listener literally clawing at the speakers for more and when it finally gives it to you… you melt.

Liquid DnB is so usually a soft and melodious subgenre, but rarely does it have the intense intro and build that “Rush” features. And the drop is nothing to scoff at, either. The small synth embellishments, the oscillating bassline against the steadily repeating vocal sample, the banging drums… it works like a river crashing against an uneven bank, creating ripples and froth, literally the embodiment of the “liquid” DnB moniker.

Unfortunately, the track is over soon after, and that’s my biggest gripe. After such a long build, it would have been nice for the track to be another 90 seconds longer, with perhaps a slight change in tempo or bassline. But as a whole, it’s not worth hanging my head on that singular criticism… Listen to “Rush” featuring Ouri below:

“Rush” is a part of CRi’s Something Else EP on Tokimonsta’s label, Young Art Records.