UPDATE 7/13/17 | Avicii has teased his first new single for real this time. Check it out here.

We hope you enjoyed our April Fool’s this year! 

After teasing new material on Instagram and social media for the past couple months, the first single from Avicii’s forthcoming third album has leaked online.

Titled “Rise From The Ashes,” the song’s intent is clear as day. After retiring from touring, Avicii buckled down and hit the studio harder than ever, and we’ve been expecting new music and a new album this year. “Rise From The Ashes” features soft guitar plucks and swelling chords, evoking an image of a man broken down and distraught clawing his way back to salvation.

As expected, this new song is a little less EDM, and a bit more along the lines of his last album, infusing indie folk and blue grass with pop and electronic influences. The song is breathtakingly beautiful, despite being outside the normal “EDM” realm.

Listen to the song below now, before it inevitably gets taken down: