Time flies when you’re listening to music, going to festivals and enjoying yourself, but who knew time could fly so fast that Daft Punk‘s first album is now 20-years-old? Along with Daft Punk’s debut album Homework, a number of classic albums turn 20 in 2017, including releases from electronic godfathers like The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy and Jean Michel-Jarre as well as hip-hop titans Wu-Tang Clan and the gone but not forgotten The Notorious B.I.G.

Step back to 2017 with these 10 albums that turn 20 this year:

Daft Punk – Homework

The Chemical Brothers – Dig Your Own Hole

The Prodigy – The Fat of the Land

The Notorious B.I.G. – Life After Death

Depeche Mode – Ultra

Jean Michel-Jarre – Oxygene 7-13

Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang Forever

Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy

Moby – I Like To Score

Björk – Homogenic