Late last week, it was revealed that Deadmau5 would be teaming with event promotion company Insomniac for the first time in five years for a Los Angeles warehouse party on April 29. Pasquale Rotella, the company’s iconic founder and veritable figurehead of their flagship event EDC, has long had a rocky relationship with Deadmau5, as his events have received criticism that they focus on the brand more than the artists who perform.

Despite the simmering beef, however, their coming together in April might signify a better relationship moving forward. To one Twitter account, So Cal EDM Events, this new leaf even has the potential to lead to Deadmau5 performing at next year’s EDC event.

Deadmau5 was quick to respond to the hopeful tweet, asking why event promoters like Rotella were treated like “such f*cking superstars.”

In the spirit of the beef, Rotella responded with his own jab in the form of a classic grammatical correction. Well played, Pasquale.

Whether or not he and Deadmau5’s team are in talks to include him on next year’s lineup is yet to be seen, but drawing from their social media interactions, the partnership doesn’t seem likely.


Image: Matt Barnes