We’re a fan of heavy bass music here at Your EDM, so when the opportunity came to share this promo mix from up and coming producer Carbin, the choice was clear…

The 10-minute promo mix contains 8 fresh IDs from Carbin, including collaborations with MineSweepa, Lookas and Crizzly. Each track is ready-made for the dance floor and capable of crushing rib cages, so beware: eardrums might be broken with how loud you’ll be bumping this.

You should be seeing all of these tracks surface over the course of 2017… maybe a little more, who knows?

Listen to the mix below!

1. Carbin x MineSweepa – ID
2. Carbin x Crizzly x Prismo – ID
3. Carbin x Lookas – ID
4, Carbin ft. Trvma – ID
5. Carbin – ID
6. Carbin – ID
7. Carbin – ID
8. Carbin x Milz x Top $helf – ID