Since Lady Gaga took over the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, she’s solidified her reputation as one of the best dance/pop talents of our time. The extravagance of that display led to high expectations for her headlining Coachella 2017 performance as well — How would she out Gaga herself?

Naturally, she killed it. But, her new single, “The Cure,” she debuted at Coachella last night doesn’t entirely match up to the powerhouse status she’s grown into. The track is clearly influenced by much of the popular EDM-pop crossover tracks we hear today. Which is fine, but it’s lacking that overly inventive, borderline shocking edge we’ve come to expect from Mother Monster.

For nearly a decade, the superstar has flexed her vocal strengths through a variety of different genres, starting with her pop roots in The Fame and The Fame Monster, and progressing into heavier dance-meets-rock-n-roll sound in Born This Way, and she got even more experimental with Artpop. Since then, she’s toned it down with her latest, most mature album Joanne.

As for “The Cure,” it’s cool and has remix potential, but mostly listens like a lackluster Chainsmokers collab. Still, we’re really hoping Lady Gaga continues to work on electronic leaning tracks that take more risks and totally wow us!