Whenever What So Not and Skrillex link up, it’s pretty much the best thing ever…

Both fan bases have been dying for their collaboration “GOH” to be released, as it’s been teased in sets for years. Just when we were beginning to think there was no hope of an official track, What So Not dropped a killer 2017 edit of the collab in his Coachella set. And, it’s really hard to listen and not drop the f bomb.

WSN and Skrilly both have such distinctive sounds that you can tell which parts were influenced each producer — the wonky and the wubby make for a perfectly hype mix!

Listen below! It’s just a clip, but it’s the best clip of the edit you can find anywhere on the internet!

These guys teamed up with RL Grime for “Waiting” in 2016, which also had some working versions before its release. So, let’s hope the same thing happens with “GOH!”