An alleged collaboration between Skrillex and Kendrick Lamar, kings in their respective genres of electronic dance music and hip hop, has appeared in the soundtrack listing on the IMDB page for the upcoming film The Justice League. The IMDB listings are able to be edited by users similarly to Wikipedia, however, casting reasonable doubt on the track’s existence.

The movie, set to release on November 17 of this year, is allegedly slated to feature songs from the likes of Curtis Mayfield, The White Stripes, Carlos Garcia, Tyler Green and more.

The Kendrick and Skrillex collaboration – if real – will be titled “Resurrection,” according to the IMDB page.

The Justice League will tell the story of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more as they unite to face an enemy of great strength.

Watch The Trailer:

We’ve reached out to Skrillex’s team for comment and will update the article as needed.


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