The Smirnoff Sound Collective goal of promoting diversity this year began in November of last year, and so far the campaign has seen great success. But an additional goal of the program at the retreat in Joshua Tree last December was seeing if a bunch of creative strangers might get along and feel inspired enough to make music…

Well, Amtrac and Meli met at this retreat and immediately hit it off. They recorded the vocals for “Some Of Them” in just one take. The bare bones production and vocals mesh together in expert fashion to create a classic dance club vibe that is absolutely timeless.

“Some Of Them” is out on Amtrac’s OPENERS imprint on April 21.

The collaboration between Amtrac and Meli is actually the second in a string of releases set to come out from the SSC program, the first being a collaboration between Mexican rapper Niña Dioz and Shigeto called “Nubes.”

Stay tuned for more releases from SSC here: