Quix: a rising star in the trap game whose beats are only overshadowed by his own intense mixing style.

Joker: a legend in the dubstep scene, whose “purple” sound has drawn in many curious fans and never let them go.

Both artists will be joining Stooki Sound this Friday at Avalon Hollywood for Control, and it was too good to pass up when we were asked to interview both of them. We left the questions rather short, as we think their music more than speaks for itself, and you need to see them live to really get the full effect of their grandeur.

Tickets for tomorrow’s event are still available here.

Joker, you have a pretty unique brand of dubstep, some people like to call it “purple.” What’s the key to differentiating you sound from the rest of the pack? How do you remain unique?

I think its because people think I’m dubstep is why it might seem so unique but in my head I’ve always been making some sort of sexy RnB grime while keeping it dirty but I was brought up with dubstep and that has 100% had an influence on my sound

What tune that came out recently (how recent is up to you) do you think is going to be the next big track that’s played all year?

Joker: Last tune I put out was “Fantasy” i really like it but it being the next big track NAAA lol

Quix: Boombox Cartel released an absolute stomper called Jefe which is already packing heat and will continue to blow up this year!

Quix, this will be your first time playing Avalon and you’ve already had quite a huge 2017. What kind of energy can we expect from you going into your set?

You can definitely expect lots of unreleased music from myself. I love bringing lots of energy into every part of my set so everyone will be on their feet the whole time.

Do you guys also follow Stooki Sound? Are you familiar with them or friendly?

Quix: I’ve followed Stooki Sound for about 5 years now so it will be amazing to meet them in person for the first time. I’ve had lots of communication with them over the last year so we’ll be homies from the first handshakes.

Are you excited to play Avalon Hollywood?

Joker: Yezzir really looking forward, I love LA