One of the most popular features on Spotify is Your Daily Mix, which takes your listening preferences and new uploads to the platform and creates a custom playlist for you each and every day. It keep users engaged and coming back to the streaming platform in search of hidden gems. Apparently, this seemed like a good idea to Soundcloud because they just launched The Upload which… is basically the same thing.

Soundcloud describes The Upload as “all about surfacing more of what you’re into, or what you might be, and is the go-to destination for a regularly updated, bespoke playlist of new music relevant to you.”

Of course, this is content specific to Soundcloud which has a much bigger library, and a rep reached out to us to further detail the differences.

  • Spotify’s The Daily Mix is made up of majority music you already listen to, plus a small percentage of recommendations (around 80/20% split), which can be made up of new releases or catalogue music
  • In contrast, The Upload is made up entirely on new music which has been uploaded to the platform that day
  • The Upload means that listeners will consistently receive the freshest, most relevant, music on SoundCloud served directly to them on a daily basis
  • The feature is available on both SoundCloud’s free and subscription model
  • The Upload takes all the uploads of the past few days on SoundCloud and ranks them based on a listener’s past activity to find the most relevant tracks for the unique user profile before populating their page.
  • No music service has a catalog as large or as diverse as SoundCloud’s, therefore some artist’s recommended in The Upload would not appear in similar discovery features on other platforms, giving it a unique point of difference

The Upload is available now via the Discover tab on web, and in the Search tab on iOS and Android.