Justin Bieber‘s leaked tour rider from his show in India will probably be the most ridiculous thing you read today…

Aside from the essentials — you know, a 13-room backstage area, 1000-square foot suite, 10 luxury sedans, 2 Volvo buses, a Rolls Royce, private jet and chopper on standby — the “Let Me Love You” singer has some pretty far-out requests for his stay in India.

Here are just a few of the accommodations included the lengthy rider below:
-“10 containers will be flown in with items like a ping pong table, PlayStation, IO Hawk, sofa set, refrigerator, upholstery, wardrobe cupboard, massage table”
-“A jacuzzi… for Bieber’s personal use to unwind before he takes to the stage”
-“A special Indian Yoga Casket containing essential oils; and books on chakras and yoga asanas”
-“A masseuse specially flown in from Kerala”
-“The Canadian star has also requested vegetables seasoned with ranch sauce”

The pop sensation has made a name for himself in electronic music, as he’s worked with Skrillex, Diplo, and DJ Snake to name a few. He also invited Martin Garrix and Alan Walker to join him on his Purpose World Tour.

The Biebs has also made name for himself as a diva, as evidenced by the full leaked rider below…

H/T: Hypebeast