Poor Zedd. One week after the herculean achievement of becoming the top dance act on the Billboard Hot 100 taking down The Chainsmokers who had held the crown for over 2/3s of a year, he’s already been leapfrogged by Kygo. If that wasn’t enough he also knocked him out of the Top 10 along the way. It also looks like what was previously a one-horse race, and then a two-horse race with Zedd joining the fray has now become a three-way race for top dance act with all three acts fairly close at the top of the charts.

This marks the first ever top 10 on the Hot 100 for Kygo whose previous entry onto the most prestigious charts in music was “Firestone” which peaked at 92 back in October 2015 with only a short one-week run on the chart. It’s safe to say that he’s already eclipsed that in a major way with “It Ain’t Me” on its eleventh straight week on the chart, no doubt thanks to some help from Selena Gomez power who has five other Top 10’s to her name already.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, The Chainsmokers actually leapfrogged Zedd as well reclaiming their title as top dance act on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Something Just Like This” surging back to #6. Did I also mention that they’ve now spent a full year in the Billboard Hot 100? Not bad at all.

If you’re trying to keep score back at home I’ll break it down for you once again.

The Chainsmokers: #8 –> #6

Kygo: #13 –> #10

Zedd: #7 –> #11

Who knows what excitement next week’s updates will bring at this rate!