Noise complaints are common place with anyone who likes to party into the wee hours of the night. Loud sound systems, abrasive music, and raucous partiers are often the ire of neighbors who just want to sleep, or maybe have an infant. The typical practice was to call the police and have them handle it, but according to a new directive from the NYPD, that will change.

According to the new mandate, police are now forbidden from entering parties or homes without consent from the homeowners. In effect, police can essentially be told to go away. (This does not apply to probable cause.)

The reason for the directive could potentially be an increase in the number of lawsuits surrounding officers who enter homes without consent, and confiscate or otherwise break property. A law enforcement source commenting on the directive says, “I guess they’re sick and tired of getting sued so often … People were going to jail, sound systems were being broken or confiscated, and then the judges throw the cases out. I think they’ve had enough lawsuits.”

A separate NYPD source does not approve of the new directive and is worried it will lead to violence: “This is very bad for all… More people will be shot and assaulted, neighbors will lose sleep, and garbage will be strewn all about. This is our new progressive city.

“Parties will go into early morning, which will involve more drinking and neighbors getting into fights, resulting in more shootings. It will be a long, hot summer.”

However, the directive does make a provision for residences or venues that have ignored multiple requests to lower the volume, and states that entering a home or place of residence without the consent of the owner is to be done as a “last resort.”


via Mixmag