Following the terrorist attack in Manchester carried out this week, ISIS released a new propaganda video that targets the “West.” One of the specific locations named in the video happens to be Las Vegas.

This is not the first time that Vegas has been targeted in a terrorist video – the first time was in June of last year. That video came out praising the attack in Orlando at Pulse nightclub.

Considering the timing of the videos and the recent theme of attacking music-related venues, it would be easy to think that Electric Daisy Carnival could be a target.

However, as this news has been shared on social media, hundreds of people have been reminding friends to not let fear get the better of them. Live Nation has enacted enhanced security protocols at all of their events, which includes EDC and Insomniac events.

And in response to the video last year, lawmakers in Nevada passed what’s called the “more cops tax.” The tax pays for more than 60 additional police officers to patrol the Las Vegas Strip.

“Las Vegas continues to be an event destination — one of the world’s greatest event destinations,” said Metropolitan Police Department Capt. Christopher Darcy, who heads the Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center. “We have to continue to maintain safety and [create] new ways to ensure the safety of the folks that are attending these events.”

Darcy also encouraged the public to report anything suspicious.

“I’d rather respond to 1,000 nothings than miss the one something that’s going to lead to us stopping an attack here in our valley,” he said.