Mixmag and Smirnoff Sound Collective continue to push humanitarian values and good music with two new playlists, sure to set you festival season vibes on fire.

First up is the Underground Sounds playlist, curated by Julia Govor, Cry Baby, Gina Turner, Amtrac and Oceanvs Orientalis. This is a select group of house and techno artists involved in SSC who share a similar vision for the future and on stage.

Underground Sounds

The second playlist is from MK, a group of “summer selects” meant to transport you to warmer climates and grittier dance floors. MK is a mentor at Smirnoff Sound Collective.

MK’s Summer Selects

The Smirnoff Sound Collective aims to promote greater visibility dance music across gender, race, sexual orientation, genres and beyond. The program brings together up-and-coming artists that represent a variety of backgrounds, genders, orientations etc. with accomplished artist and industry mentors.


Image via Rukes.com