The drum and bass world and indeed the EDM world at large woke up to a shock this morning with news that one of DnB’s founding fathers and the patron saint of liquid drum and bass, Marcus Kaye, better known as Marcus Intalex, is confirmed to have died Saturday night.

As of now, very few details are known except that it seemed to be a surprise to everyone as Intalex tweeted just a day before about his two gigs put on by his label Soul:r in Manchester and London, respectively. It’s unclear as to whether he made the Manchester show, but his management company cancelled the show for tonight, May 28 at London’s Pickle Factory.

Marcus Intalex, sometimes known by his house and techno moniker, Trevino (after his favorite golfer, Lee Trevino), has been active in electronic music and drum and bass since 1991. He hosted a popular DnB show in England from 1993 to 2000 on, Manchester’s Kiss 102 FM. He is known for his clean beats and for being one of the main proprietors of smooth, R&B-driven drum and bass now known as liquid, and he released many of the seminal tracks in the sub-genre such as “How You Make Me Feel” with ST Files, “Temperance”, and “Universe”.

  • Details about the cause of Kaye’s death or the situation surrounding it are still unclear at the moment, but the drum and bass community are already mourning the loss. DnB heavy hitters like Friction, Zinc and Mampi Swift and scores more have taken to Twitter to express their grief. Renegade Hardware founder and Kaye’s friend Clayton Hines penned the following on Facebook:

“Sitting here in shock and in tears at the news of Marcus Intalex passing, it was only a few hours ago I posted a remix he did for us which was a game changer. He was my favourite deejay and in the top 3 producer wise. .my thoughts go out to his family RIP.”

Intalex and his soulful take on drum and bass will be sorely missed. Stay tuned for more news as soon as it’s available.

Photo: Regal Dee at Respect, 2016