EDC Week is in full swing as travelers from all over the world descend upon Las Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival. And while the festival doesn’t start until tomorrow, there are plenty of other options for fans to see their favorite DJs.

Tonight, Illenium will join Armin van Buuren at OMNIA Nightclub for what is sure to be an incredible set with lots of new music and new friends.

We caught up with Illenium before his show tonight to ask him a few questions about OMNIA, fan experiences, and new music. Check it out!

What’s your favorite part of performing at a venue like OMNIA?

I think my favorite part about performing at OMNIA is just how epic the venue is. Feels like you’re really getting to perform at one of the most insane dance clubs you’ll ever be to in your life. I’m performing on the terrace so I’m really looking forward to being outside and getting to enjoy the awesome views from up top.

What does OMNIA offer its attendees that another club might not?

OMNIA is probably the coolest club I’ve ever been to. The atmosphere is really unlike anywhere else and I think it gives you just a feeling of awe being there.

How much does feedback from your crowd affect what you play on any night?

It can vary depending on the show. In Vegas I really try to play to the crowd because I know everyone is there to have a good time and the mix of people provides a real challenge. At festivals or headlining shows though I really try to just showcase all my own music.

Are you more or less likely to test out new music in Vegas?

I’d say pretty much the same anywhere. When I finish a new song and I’m really stoked about it, I can’t wait to play it anywhere. I can’t help myself. I’m sitting on almost a finished album right now so its been hard to not just play everything out!

Do you have any pre-show rituals you like to go through?

I really like to just be in a chill, relaxing environment leading up to the show. I like feeling relaxed before I go on so making sure I have some downtime before I get on stage is really important to me.

What’s been your most memorable random fan interaction?

There is really just too many. I think maybe when someone proposed during my set at Electric Forest is up there. It was my first festival ever and probably one of my favorites. Also, meeting up with the illenium family at Red Rocks or just meeting random fans with Tattoo’s is always pretty insane to me.

Final words?

Just want to give a special shoutout to YourEDM for all the support 🙂 Love you guys