Mat Zo, a true talent known for producing electronic music of all styles, types, and genres might be putting that all-encompassing project on hold for exactly that reason…

This news comes as somewhat of a surprise, as his Self Disassemble tour was to be focused on various genres, offering different flavors of electronic music along the way. He said, “over the course of 2017 you’ll have the chance to witness DnB, house, and classic Anjuna progressive/trance sets from me in various cities throughout the year.”

As for the Mat Zo project, he openly shared his feelings on Twitter:

It must be hard, in his position, to have a bit of an identity crisis — but we definitely wouldn’t consider Mat Zo to be “just an anything goes confusing mess.” The tweets also provoked a response from The M Machine

This comes just after the announce of his new single “Bio Weapons” from his moniker MRSA, a project with a vision that focuses on drum and bass…

If he does hang up the Mat Zo name, we can still expect great productions from him, but will also miss the versatility of his signature project. Whatever you do, Mat Zo, just keep doing you!


Photo: Rukes